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About Us - Rich

A little about us. Richard, born and raised on the picturesque Isle of Wight, has led a life deeply intertwined with the wonders of the world.

With a distinguished career in the merchant navy, Richard’s love for exploration and adventure has shaped his journey in remarkable ways.

Maritime Heritage

After years of traversing across vast oceans, Richard felt a calling to channel his passion for discovery into the world of spirits.

He embarked on a path of mastering the craft of distilling, dedicating 12 years to honing his skills and acquiring profound knowledge in the art of creating exceptional libations.

Richard’s unwavering commitment and relentless pursuit of perfection led him to achieve the prestigious title of a qualified master distiller.

Passion for Distilling

As a proud member of the esteemed Gin Guild, Richard stands among an elite group of industry experts who embody the highest standards of distilling excellence.

This affiliation not only represents his exceptional expertise but also serves as a testament to his ongoing dedication to innovation and quality.

Beyond his professional endeavours, Richard finds immense joy in his role as a loving father to two young children and a devoted husband to Terri.

Together, they embrace a life filled with curiosity and cultural exploration, instilling in their children a deep appreciation for the richness and diversity of the world.

Richard’s passion for travel and culture fuels his creative spirit, enriching his distilling skills with inspirations gathered from far-flung destinations.

Each new experience becomes a source of inspiration, infusing his creations with a touch of the exotic and the allure of discovery.

Travel is in the blood

With a life enriched by the sea, a mastery of the distilling craft, and an unwavering commitment to family, Richard Hudson is a true embodiment of a worldly spirit.

Through his remarkable creations, he invites others to embark on a sensory journey that mirrors his own voyage of exploration and celebration of diverse cultures.

Raise a glass to Richard, a passionate distiller, an intrepid explorer, and a dedicated family man, whose spirits embody the essence of his extraordinary life.

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